“Tender and meticulously calculated songwriting…yet another charming release from a singer-songwriter who has clearly studied his music history” — Moxipop

“Insanely catchy”Indie Buddie

“Mason Summit…could make a living out of translating all the shit that you go through in your early adulthood with the exact, right words” — Aupium

Quite simply, the best new album of 2018…Not since the musical poetry of Simon & Garfunkel has there been so intimate and intelligent a listening experience as Mason Summit.” — Parcbench

“Smooth vocals…Mesmerizing sounds…Mason Summit is, without a doubt, a talented and creative songwriter.” — Threat of Joy

8/10 — April Reviews the Tunes

“It is Mason’s songwriting and delivery, as well as his ability to surprise and engage me, that keep me interested…He’s a damn good songwriter.” — Michael’s Music Log


“Pop prodigy spreads his wings” — No Depression/Hyperbolium

“Laid-back dream-pop at its finest” — The Daily Vault

“One of the best young songwriters to emerge from the US in recent years” — Real Gone Rocks

This is thinking man’s smart pop.” — Red Dirt Report

“Summit has a youthful charm willing to embrace the urban cowboy aesthetic while still inhabiting a psychedelic angst. Summit is going places, believe you me.” — Moxipop

A wonderfully entrancing set of songs” — Liverpool Sound and Vision

“[Summit’s] new album (his third), Gunpowder Tracks, proves that he is one of the most exciting songwriters out there.” — Parcbench

“This album is a gift to the Pop Underground.” — Power of Pop


LA Music Critic Award nominee – Best CD Male

“Mason Summit’s second self-produced album suggests Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds era…Summit’s deeply schooled in a broad range of music and sufficiently self-reflective to have something to say.” — Hyperbolium

The songs of Mason Summit are a breath of fresh air.” — Parcbench

“…When it comes to music, Summit is definitely in his ‘Right Mind.’” — AXS

“If [Summit] keeps it up, he will have a successful career songs for lovers of music that is pure, intelligent, and plain damned good!” — Music Morsels

“I’m impressed by Mason’s work here, and so am a bit shocked, perhaps even a little annoyed, to learn that he’s only eighteen. Imagine all the good things still to come from this singer/songwriter/musician.” — Michael’s Music Log


Absentee traces [Summit’s] path from Green Day to Elliott Smith, and the title track, about his father’s death, jumps from bossa nova verse to garage-rock chorus…’I don’t know what I want,’ he sings on the Dylanesque closer, ‘Drain’, showing remarkable self-awareness.  ‘But I sure do hope I find it.” — M Music & Musicians Magazine

There’s a grace in his pen and vocal expression that shows a mature artist in the making.” — Music News Nashville

“Summit avoids, but doesn’t reject, the gloriously worst aspects of teenage poetry, and most of his lyrics balance sincerity and cleverness like a circus juggler. If black skinny jeans will help me write songs this good I’m about to suck in my gut and going for it.” — Roctober Magazine

His debut is already one to remember.” — Roots Time

Heartsick naivete meets melodic and lyrical sophistication head-on on the debut release of this young SoCal singer/songwriter. The fresh sounding blend of youth and savvy present here generates a charm that works throughout the set and may very well inspire covers as well as airplay as word gets out about an artist worthy of notice. Check out ‘What We’ll Become’, ‘Fools in April’ and ‘Answer Me’.” — Roots Music Report

Mason Summit was born to make music.” — Parcbench

“A debut release by a young performer, aged seventeen, from Los Angeles. Mason Summit has a maturity beyond his years and has attracted some very experienced musicians to fill out the sound and complement his pleasant voice…Early Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera come to mind as this young talent mixes strong melody with a confidence to succeed. Fools in April and Walk on Water are strong songs while the teen tempo of Jésus behind the Ice Cream Cart has hit written across it. Drain ends the set in reflective mood and points to a positive future for this performer.” — Lonesome Highway

An impressive debut.” — Americana UK

“Summit’s songs are familiar yet not derivative. The fact that he wrote them over a significant period of time not only easily exhibits different moments in his life but also allows the careful listener to notice both moods and perhaps even a little growth. Summit is using his songs to share and communicate pieces of his personal life.” — Examiner